Are you a model that uses Patreon or OnlyFans?

FansFire, a new online model company (like Patreon) is building a similar platform but with one difference - our models get to keep 95% of their earned profits :)

To help us achieve this new development, we are looking to interview as many models as possible to learn as much as we can about the industry (we'll pay you $200 for 45 minutes)

You must have at least 50 postings and 1000 likes

50 Posts

A San Francisco Company

Yes, I'll Interview

Model Requirements

We don't call every Model. You must meet the following requirements in order to be qualified for a call (we'll pay you $200 for 45 minutes):

You have at least 3 months experience with either OnlyFans or Patreon

3 Months

FansFire is developing a new platform to give models the profit they deserve. We are looking for a star to be the face of our company.

You Want More Money

Who is going to call you?

My name is Peter Brown, and I am the CEO of FansFire, LLC. This is a 100% professional call with the goal of learning more about the industry.

Pete Brown

(650) 741-4807

2019 FansFire Research


Do you like the platform that you’re on right now? (Patreon or Only Fans)

How did you discover the platform? 

What is your goal with the platform? 

How much time do you dedicate on the platform? 

What are the cons of the current platform you’re on right now? 

What would be features that you would like to add? 

What would it take for you to switch over to a new platform?

General Interview Questions

Help the FansFire Team learn about the model industry and your experiences. Calls last only 30 minutes and we'll pay you $200 via PayPal.

Yes, I'll Interview